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Door’s Open – Read Between The Lines

“Love bade me welcome; yet my soul drew back, Guilty of dust and sin.” George Herbert


Bending Love – Read Between The Lines

“Such ever was love’s way; to rise, it stoops.” Robert Browning

Revelation – Read Between The Lines

“I’m never good at picking out a Father’s Day card for my dad,” Tim said to his wife as he browsed through the assortment of cards that were for sale.

“Get one for you too,” she said, patting her flat belly and smiling as she walked away.

He immediately looked up.

Mirrored – Read Between The Lines

As he sat on the sofa, Jack listened to Black Flies by Ben Howard. The song flowed through the house like a river heading to its tributary. Hearing his wife’s car pull into the driveway, he got up.

She disgusted him because of the affair that she was having. He knew, even though she thought it was a secret. Luckily for him, he had arrived home before she did. He did his laundry.

Forever Love – Read Between The Lines

She asked him, “Will you love me forever?”

And he replied, “But forever never ends.”

Love Stay Away

Some people have been burn by not so real love that when real love comes along they turn it away.

The “weather” outside is . . . 🙂

Love Your Enemies

It take courage and denial of self to do so.

“But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.” Matthew 5 vs 44

Can it always be done?

The “weather’ outside is . . . 🙂