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Can Parents Be Fired?

Well some, not all.

What and who make a qualified parent?

Life Matters. Oh yeah. 🙂

But Can He/She Parent?

“Parenthood is a state which some miss by chance and others by design, and a vocation to which not all are called.” Jane Howard

So those of you who are considered good parents, do not forget to lend a hand to those who are not, especially if they are willing to accept advice and help. 🙂

They Are Watching.

And learning.

“What’s done to children, they will do to society.” Karl Menninger

Of course there are exceptions, which is a very good thing.

Hello,  nice to be back. 🙂

Parents, what are you creating?

“Parents wonder why the streams are bitter, when they themselves have poisoned the fountain.” John Locke on child-rearing

It is the grown-ups

Let your child go genderless. Avoid telling them about losing. Take away their playing time because you do not want them to get hurt. If they get a question wrong, do not tell them because you do not want to hurt their feelings. Let them know that they did a great job.

You know why society is all screwed up; take a look at some of the grown-ups. Those things mentioned above were just some of the stuff I have been reading about in the news. Google and find out for yourself.

I am not going to demand how you should raise your child; being a parent, mother and father, is a very tough job. But trying to put your child/children in a bubble/bubbles because of some screwy idea, some modern hocus-pocus, is just not right. And even if not parents but guardians, it is still not right.

When did it become wrong to let them know that the answer to the question asked was not correct? When did it become wrong to let them know that they are either a boy or a girl? When did it become wrong to let them compete and lose? When did it become wrong to not give them everything they want?

You know, some grown-ups need to learn from some children.

Have a lovely, sunflower day. 🙂

The motive of Alec D’Urberville

Do all our actions come with motives?

“Thus the thing began. Had she perceived this meeting’s import she might have asked why she was doomed to be seen and coveted that day by the wrong man, and not by some other man, the right and desired one in all respects–as nearby as humanity can supply the right and desired; yet to him who amongst her acquaintance might have approximated to this kind, she was but a transient impression, half forgotten.” chapter 5 from The Maiden, Tess of D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy.

When I was first introduced to the character in the above mentioned book, with his “coz”, I knew that he was bad news. Alec D’Urbreville, was a man with so much ulterior motives that he reminded me of politicians.

This novel, with its tragic lead figure, showed how one parent’s path to obtain money can lead to tragedy.  It showed how one man took advantage of a situation. The caused for Tess’ downfall was killed by  her. How should one react, what should he/she do, when the person who has caused so much pain, stands before him/her, laughing.

Jason Flemyng, played the cad magnificently.

How much “pushing” should parents do?