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This prince should marry?

His Royal Highness should, must, needs to get married? Watching Prince Henry’s, known as Prince Harry, first official tour on behalf of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, I found out a few things.

He is human. I nearly fell out of my chair when I found that out. Now thanks to some reports, it was confirm.

He knows how to dance and have fun. Whew! For a minute I thought he was wood.

He sweats! There is proof. Him standing up and wiping his sweat. Him sitting down and doing the same. When the sun’s piping hot, perspiration happens. That was made clear.

But seriously, listening, watching and reading some  of the reports and people comments, it would seem that other than the reason he visited the places he went was, in fact, for another important one. Should he at twenty-seven try to find a wife? Should he as he is about to go back to Afghanistan, please be safe, walk down the aisle?

As far as I am concern, he is an adult, and if he wants to or not should not be determined by some females with fairytale sparkles in their eyes wrap up in their hopes and dreams of marrying a prince. Neither should it be determined by the press.

No disrespect. I like him; he is normal. Duty can be so tedious.

Have a lovely, sunflower weekend. 🙂