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Humankind Red Danger – Read Between The Lines

Sarah walked over to her big glass window and, looking out, she saw humankind dressed in red with skulls and crossbones.

It began to rain, slowly at first. And then like atomic bombs, the droplets grew, washing away some of the humankind red and skulls and crossbones.

What Matters Most?

As I sat reading one day while listening to a talk show on the radio in the background, this young man called in. In his voice you could hear his anguish and pain. In his voice, even though he was saying what his plans were for the future, you could hear and sense that he had made up in his mind that there was not going to be a future. And I cried. And I thought. And I questioned.

What matters most?

To hear some people talk about trivial stuff that causes them pain is frustrating. You may be saying but those things may not be trivial to them. Oh compared to more SERIOUS matters, they are.Β  We have had more suicides in the past years than we ever had before.

What matters most is life. Yes with its bleakness sometimes it still matters. It rained today, and the sky was overcast, well still is, but I know that the sun is going to come out. I know the sun is going to shine again. But I have to WAIT for it.

“The journey is the reward.” Tao saying πŸ™‚

Leaving THEN behind

But first.

“By them shall the fowls of the heaven have their habitation, which sing among the branches.” Psalm 104 vs 12

This week, as with so many other weeks, God has bless me with a choir of birds. Every morning I hear them singing at my window. So amazing. πŸ™‚

And last night, thunder, lightning, and rain. What did I do? I went out and spun around in the rain.

“You’ve got to get yourself together, You’ve got stuck inΒ  moment and now you can’t get out of it, Don’t say that later will be better, now you’re stuck in a moment, And you can’t get out of it.” from the song, Stuck In A Moment by U2

Broken relationships. Angry words. Wounds, scars that wouldn’t heal. A terrible mistake. Something of terrible significance. So many things that some people never leave behind. Somehow they’re stuck in the then, the time when these things happened, and they refuse to move on, refuse to heal. They never reach the later in their lives because for whatever reason they’re stuck.

I’ve been there, but I refuse to stay there. Pain comes with healing, and we heal in our own time. But how long is too long to get over something? Days? Months? Years? A lifetime?

Life comes with its negatives but we must remember . . .

This song makes me want to get all dress up and go singing. “And I’m feeling gooooood.” πŸ˜†

Have a great weekend everyone. πŸ™‚