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Recipe For Defeating Yourself

1 cup of worthlessness                  2 cups of negativity

1 cup of low self-esteem               1 cup of bitterness

1 cup of doubt                                 1 cup of fear

1/4 tsp of fortitude                         1/4 tsp of perserverance

and a whole lot of “poisonous” ifs

Mix well. Cooking times vary. Bon appetit

But if you are not interested in this recipe, toss this foolishness out and go with one for not defeating yourself. 🙂

“Life is a dance, a movement of rhythms, directions, stumbles, missteps, at times slow and precise, or fast and wild and joyous.” from The Dance by Thelda Bevens 🙂



Have you ever had a song that was stuck on repeat going through your head? You did not hear it playing anywhere. You did not read about it or the person who sang it, but it is there. Ah well. To gnocchi.

I am remembering when I tried to make homemade gnocchi. Followed the recipe to the letter. They floated to the top. They did not look like the store bought kind. I followed the recipe; I said that already. Let us just say that they did not turn out the way they supposed to.

Like life. We make all these plans, going to college and afterwards a good, solid job. Saving enough for this thing or that thing. Following sets of rules before marriage. And what happens, sometimes? With all that planning and doing, nothing turned out the way you wanted to. Maybe in need of a new recipe.

Have a moon morning and a starry night. 🙂

Have a lovely, sunflower day. 🙂

Somewhere around the world someone is celebrating a birthday. Happy Birthday! 🙂