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Mind Repeat

There is a line in the song, What If by Creed that goes, ” ‘Cause what consumes your thoughts controls your life.”

Someone said something to me last week concerning someone close to me and it played over and over in my mind. The more I thought and dwelt upon what was said, the more frustrated I became.

Then it hit me, not literally of course, 🙂 get it off repeat and fill my mind with something positive.

Negative thoughts going through our minds all the time is not a good thing. I have control of what I want on my mind and if it is going to stay there. Do you? 🙂

prayer request page can be found here. 🙂

Old With A Smile. For the next 31 days in March, greet an old person with a smile. Stop and chat with them if you want. Pass by and say hello. A few seconds can mean so much to some of them. :)