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What Equals Love?

As he/she entered the room, he/she stared in my direction like what seemed like forever. That means a crush is on, right? Love must be in the air.

Not my scenario but  something that I just came up with as I sit here pondering what love really looks like. I know that there are different kinds of love, but how can you tell that it is what it is?

Do some of us read too deeply into other people reactions when we want to be something more or to feel special?

Is a hug just a hug just a hug when we want someone to touch us?

Is sex just sex when we might think this is what love is about even as an emptiness engulfs us?

Are words just words just words when we want something that would touch our hearts and not our ears?

“Hope is wishing for a thing to come true: faith is believing that it will come true.” Norman Vincent Peale 🙂

Be My Escape

Where do you go when you need to get away from an overwhelming situation?

What do you turn to when you need a time out, a break from something that is zapping your energy and happiness?

Are drugs, alcohol, overeating and sex  just a few of the negative things that some people turn to when they are trying to “escape”?

Are family, friends, God, a new or old hobby  just some of the positive things that others turn to when they are trying to “escape”?

I am a collector of quotes. I write down those that I find interesting. I saw this one: “Maybe this world is another planet’s hell.” Aldous Huxley

Couple that with an article I read about a mother who did something illegal in order for her child to escape the poverty that they were living in and you will have the reasons behind this post.

Some are hurting, others were hurt by whatever circumstances that they faced. Some in order to escape, created a deeper “hell” than the ones that they were trying to get away from. Others sank deeper not knowing how to get away. Others got away.

What about you? Who or what do you turn to when you need a moment?

“My life is an open book, but don’t expect me to read it to you.” David Hyde Pearce 🙂

At least one sex scene

“Sex simply wasn’t had. It was enjoyed, indulged in, abused and joked about, but it could not be had. It was not a thing but an idea. Nowadays it seems to exist as a commodity, something you might find in the cupboard, and people refer to it in ways that make it seem no more interesting than canned beans.”

“We had sex,” they say, with the same inflection they use when saying, “We had shad roe and asparagus.” In the golden past alluded to above, shad roe and asparagus were good, too, but sex was special. It was treated with more respect than one accorded hot dogs and beans with bacon grease, excellent though that dish was, too.” an excerpt from Sex Shouldn’t Be Had by Russell Baker

I am convince that the makers of movies make it a mandate that there should at least be one sex scene in their films. Never mind that it adds nothing to the plot or story, nor moves it along. If it is not included then they probably think that something important is missing. The movie-goers will be displeased that they did not see an important aspect of the movie.

And to make it memorable, it has to be “loud and heavy”, as I remember someone once saying. Or was it “hot or heavy”? Either way, it is said to be romantic. As if.

You may think me old and prudish, I am neither old nor prudish. I am just wondering how something so special and sacred was turn into  . . . Yeah, that.

Have a moon morning and a starry night. 🙂

Have a lovely, sunflower day. 🙂

Somewhere around the world someone is having a birthday. Happy Birthday 🙂

It should not be sex

If you read this blog, you will find out that I love reading the classics. I also love seeing how they come to life on the big screen or on TV. I have watched a few, and I have been disappointed. It seem sometimes that the producers feel that they have and must include this element or the not so subtleness of it, even when the books do not call for it or have it thrown in the faces of its readers. That element is sex.

It is as if they are saying that having sex or the hint(s) of it means that it is love. That it is needed or else people are not going to watch some ROMANTIC piece base on an old book without it. I beg to differ. Romance is more than two people getting it on. Love is more than that, or it should be more than that. Should it not?