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Virginity – Read Between The Lines

It’s not a disease.


Some see it as some disease, which it is not.

Others see it as something bad, which is not the case.

Some see it as being the odd person out, which is ridiculous.

Peer pressure can sometimes lead some people, no matter the age, to do things that they do not want to. Hold onto your purity.

The “weather” outside is . . . 🙂

Mr and Miss Virgin

[Diane of Versailles (also known as Artemis, one of the three virgin goddesses) a Roman copy of a Greek sculpture by Leochares]

. . . Untouched

Like a fruit on a flourishing tree

that has not been touch,

they keep their vessels as the Lord required it to be,

pure, free from coitus until the

time that they should cleave to each other as one flesh.

. . . meets First

It happened that night–

beautiful blissful desire fulfilled.

You made me a part of you;

I made you a part of me.

We shared each other through an intimacy

of rapturous excitement; an ecstasy of joy.

That moment, that feeling forever,

etched in my mind.

My body tasted sexual pleasure

as we became one flesh.

With a golden circle on my finger,

you made me your wife;

I made you my husband.

You unlocked the chain of my innocence,

for I supplied you with the key.

I love you then as I love you now;

my First.

. . . continues.

. . . ends – Absent Touch

You would have slowly glided your

hand down my back,

enjoying my nakedness.

Your hands would find its way

to my breasts,

caressing them with such warmth.

Your kisses on my neck would

produced such ecstasy of joy.

You ran your fingers through my hair

as you whispered beautiful words into my ear.

You would lay your head on my chest

and listened to the racing of my heart;

it brought you pleasure.

You would take me in your arms,

our nude bodies understanding

the desires of each other.

You would take your hand and

entangled it with mine,

playfully moving our wedding rings around.

You would lay beside me, your breath

brushing the back of my neck.

And there we would stay until the morn broke;

the morn broke today, but you’re not here.

Happy Valentine’s Day. 🙂

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