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Politicians and Voter – Read Between The Lines

Selling Newspeak. Buying snake oil.


Oops, I lied

“Learn from the masses, and then teach them.” Mao Tse Tung

Dear You,

Yes you, whomever you are; I write appealing your help, because without it, I will not get what it is that I desire at the moment. Do not mind that I barely know anything about you, or really care for that matter. Wait, perhaps I do care a bit; I guess enough to get your attention. Do not mind that I have money, enough of it to spare for my wants, while you are probably struggling to find enough for your needs.

Trust me; I will make sure somewhere along the way, I do not know when or how, that you will have a way to earn some money for yourself. There are lights, heck, even a house with running water that I have, while I promise if you do not have these things now, then soon. When? Gosh, I promise you will have them soon. You can count on my promises.

My lips move with the right words to say to you, even if my heart is not in them. What matters is that you believe them; that somehow they provide you with hope. Although it might be a false hope. Perhaps later on I will not care, but for now I must make sure show that I do.

You will see me all over the place making a fool of myself sometimes, but always making a mockery out of you. Look pass these moments. And for those who are so blinded by partisanship, I know that I can count on you. Thank you for your support.

Well I hope that I struck out all the truth; I do not want you seeing through them. Just remember to get your thumb inked and vote for me.

Your Politician