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One Being – Read Between The Lines

The sun was like the heat from a toaster as they stood on the food poverty line. “That’s what the people around here call it,” Jane said. But the person that was directed to could care less. Food was the only thing that would get a response.

Hecklers slithered pass like snakes on the attack. She knew one of them, and their eyes connected.

Dropping an Oreo cookie on the ground, the person crushed it, suggesting to her that the feeling for the two colors that created her was still strong.

Late For The Movies 2005

Can love overcome anything, including the differences in opinions?

The White Masai, starring Nina Hoss as Carola, and Jacky Ido as Lemalian, told the story of two people that fell in love at first sight.  A spark was there from the beginning. She, European and white, with her set of rules and beliefs and he, African  and black, from a tribe that held its own customs and beliefs.

And that was where the problems came in. How do you show cultural respect for each other  without disrespecting your own? They could not do it. In then end, separation and divorce.

But is it always the case? Two different cultures. Two different religions. Two different mind sets. Is it not quoted sometimes that opposites attract. They do, but does that include beliefs? Or can two lovers agree to disagree and still keep their relationship together?

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